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All women.All Extraordinary.
One Association
Your Personal Board of Directors

The Association is designed to make you play at the top of your game.

[The A·sso·ci·a·tion, n.]; a global organization of ambitious, extraordinary, go-getting women looking to excel.

The most critical career and life challenges & opportunities are usually the ones you never discuss out loud, and often the ones that make you feel most alone. Studies show that it is this 10% that dictates the greatest development and advancement towards your goals.

Where do you turn to for real, unbiased guidance?

Who do you truly trust to point you in the right direction?

Where can you bounce life-changing challenges & opportunities off of?


By combining our proprietary leadership methodology with a vetted and curated group of elite women, The Association creates Your Personal Board of Directors so that you are never alone and can always achieve your goals and fulfill the dreams you did not even know you had.

Digital & Analog. Quant & Qualitative. Data Science & a Personal Touch.

No agenda. No judgement. Just success.

Integrity. Curiosity. Drive.

The Association. The answer we have all been looking for in the place we had forgotten to look:
Inside our female selves.

We are
the future